The site of our restaurant is located in a building from the year 1490, it is in the Santa Croce area, and consists of two very accommodating rooms with air conditioning.

The architecture testifies to the Renaissance period of the building with its beamed ceilings and various arches. The recent renovations to the restaurant have clearly maintained and respected the typical Florentine environment, thus creating a pleasing and authentic atmosphere in which to enjoy the ancient flavours prepared by our kitchen.

The restaurant was founded in 1960 by Dino Casini a renowned sommelier and his wife Renza a true master of regional specialities, which brought them success that continues to this day thanks to their children Massimo and Sonia. There is also extra help given by Lezli - Massimo’s wife, all of whom are continuing in the tradition of Dino, with real passion for good food and quality wines.

Over time, the family has collected hundreds of bottles of precious wines to add to their cellar all of which are made available to their clients, with a wine card that represents the highest levels of Tuscan wines and other important international labels from France, Spain, California and Chile.

The kitchen, the focal point of the restaurant, is inspired by old Florentine traditions and produces its dishes with genuine Tuscan products including freshly gathered wild herbs from the nearby countryside. Many of the dishes are typical of the Medici family era are complemented by other dishes that vary from season to season.